Autonomous Machines

Energy, transportation, manufacturing, medical and aerospace industries demand decision-capable systems implemented on reliable hardware designed to maximize function to volume ratio, smart materials and minimum carbon footprint.

We design the best performing function-to-volume ratio autonomous solution for your project on advanced and smart materials that lower carbon footprint and reduce total installed costs while improving performance.

Introducing the ​qunomous Family

Qunomous® brings self-governed rugged actuated and instrumented units seamlessly connected among themselves and protected by hyper secure networks to industries worldwide.
Our expert-eye design and construction teams deliver solutions as involving instruments communication and data processing platforms that meet industrial-grade-robustness, reliability and effective functionality for every product of the ​Qutonomous® family.

Qunode® autonomous unit with hyper secure post-quantum comm's link and multi-sensor input capable

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Qudome® is McLenz autonomous drone mission director hosted by a dome station featured with charging, weather dome guard and self-guided landing and take off aid

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Qumac® is McLenz construction machine autonomous navigation and mission control unit built rugged for industrial environments.

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Quwind® is MaLenz autonomous platform for new generation of wind power and energy storage systems.

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Qusecure® is McLenz autonomous integrity surveillance station for unmanned facilities. Multiple sensor and camera inputs capable. Capacity to govern actuated systems, fully configurable over multiple links over post quantum security links.

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Our technology and integration capabilities will help you address your needs at the best benefit/cost ratio

We offer compelling 
Solutions by 

  • Evaluating your infrastructure, operations, manpower and risks
  • Carefully estimating deployment and life-cycle costs
  • Defining achievable and sustainable goals
  • Tapping to best-in-class hardware and software products
  • Designing with qualified industry experts
  • Ensuring set goals and your satisfaction are fully met

What can you achieve?

Improve Safety 
up to 20%

of work-related

e.g. on construction

up to 80%+


human tasks

-12 months

Payback time

for robotic



improvement against human-tasks

2 Digits %

Productivity increase

*automakers recorded
up 50% increase in

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