We create compelling technology solutions

Quantum technology

Cybersecurity on the fast-growing industrial wireless networks demand game-changing security technology..
McLenz Quantum hyper secure communication technology provides unprecedented security to unleash Industry 4.0 and 5.0 assets management solutions

Autonomous Machines

We design the best performing function-to-volume ratio autonomous solution for your project on advanced and smart materials that lower carbon footprint and reduce total installed costs while improving performance.


McLenz team of industry experts will help you bring reliable and cyber-secure industry 4.0 and 5.0 platforms to your business.


Our clients satisfaction is the upmost value throughout our organization.

Autonomous over Quantum (AoQ)

Reliable autonomous systems capable of interacting with humans in human environments need in-built intelligence that communicates over hyper-secure networks.

McLenz delivers Autonomous over Quantum communication platforms that ensure hyper-cybersecurity and in-built intelligence for both networks and Autonomous systems.

Post Quantum Cybersecurity

PQ Links

We supply post quantum cybersecurity solutions on a variety of architectures and technology platforms from existing cybersecure links on existing protocols to custom-made hardware implementations.

Creative Solutions

We adapt our solution package to our customer energy, space and capital requirements.

Quantum Communications

McLenz provides conventional and non-conventional quantum communication solutions over satellite and fiber optic platforms, including protocol implementations.

Engineered Solutions

Solar, Wind, Hybrid Solutions

We provide a wide range of engineered solutions covering renewables generation, storage, grid and off-grid solutions based on solar, wind power or hybrid systems.

Research and Development

R&D Services

Our experienced team of industry experts and partners can support you in developing products that meet the requirements of challenging applications in power generation, storage and control in compliance with industry standards.

Our Values & Features

What we offer?

  1. Assessment of your facility and expectations
  2. Best-Fit function-to-volume ratio to meet your goals
  3. Reliable technology platform.
  4. Latest technology custom-made products to meet your specific requirements
  5. Industry expertise and flexibility
  6. Industry experts capable of delivering achievable engineered solutions
  7. Flexibility to meet challenging objectives.

We ensure our technology deliverables meet your performance and quality goals throughout the technology life-cycle.

Contact Us

Place de la Gare 12,
Postal Code: 1003
City: Lausanne
+41 78 239 15 51

Place de la Gare 12,
Postal Code: 1003
City: Lausanne
+41 78 239 15 51